Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack

EA Official Description:

Double the size of a Premium Gold Players Pack with an extra Rare! Includes 24 Gold Players, 7 Rares.

More about Jumbo Premium Gold Players Packs

A Jumbo Premium Gold Players pack is a promotional pack in FIFA 20 (FUT20 Game Mode) that can be bought as part of promotional offers, earned as a reward for FUT Champions Weekend/Division Rivals/Squad Battles, or redeemed by completing an SBC.  Jumbo Premium Gold Players Packs include nothing but gold player cards and are an assortment of common and rare and common players.  7 of these players are guaranteed to be rare.  These FUT packs are available to purchase only during certain periods on the Fifa markets.  Usually they are released during a big TOTW or TOTY release.  Normally you are limited in the quantity you are allowed to buy and also in the time period in which you can buy them.


Pack Detail Categories
Price Coins: 50000
Price FIFA Points: 700
Type: Promo
Quality: Gold
Content: Only players
Number of cards: 24
Number of rare cards: 7
Gold cards : 24
Silver cards : 0
Bronze cards : 0
Min pack worth (discard) : 9300
Min pack worth (sell) : 12730

Pack Feedback

Jumbo Premium Gold Players packs can come in untradable and tradable forms.  Untradable versions are not sellable and you will have to keep the cards.  Discarding untradable packs would net you 0 coins so there is no value there.  With untradable packs you can use the players in other SBC’s.  This can turn market worthless items into cards that can be sold.

If you get a tradable version of a Jumbo Premium Gold Players pack you may not always break even on the 50k coins you spent to acquire the pack.  Sometimes Jumbo Premium gold packs pack mega value.  Other times they miss heavily and can cost you.

Jumbo Premium Gold Players packs give you the best chance on a big score due to their heavy volume of rare golds.  As is with any pack on FUT, it’s all a gamble.  Sometimes you win big.  Sometimes you lose and get minimum pack value.  In this case if you lose it can be a significant loss of around 40,000 coins.

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