Small Rare Gold Players Pack

EA Official Description:

Half a dozen players to build out your ultimate squads!  Includes 6 players, all Rare, with a least 5 Gold.

More about Small Rare Gold Players Packs

A small rare gold players pack is a promotional pack in FIFA 20 (FUT20 Game Mode).  Small rare gold players packs include a minimum of 5 rare gold cards and a maximum of one siver card.  These cards are assorted.  You will receive 5 or 6 rare gold cards and potentially one rare silver card.  These FUT packs are not available to purchase on the open market and are special/redemption oriented only.  You will either get one of these for completing an assigned SBC (squad building challenge) or for your performance in one of FIFA Ultimate Team’s competitive modes. (FUT Rivals, FUT Squad Battles, FUT Champions Weekend League).

Pack Detail Categories
Price : N/A
Price : N/A
Type: Redemption
Quality: Special
Content: Only players
Number of rare cards: 6
Min gold cards : 5
Max silver cards : 1
Bronze cards : 0
Min pack worth (discard) : 3228
Min pack worth (sell) : 3610

Pack Feedback

Small rare gold players packs can come in untradable and tradable forms.  Untradable versions are not sellable and you will have to keep the cards.  Discarding untradable packs would net you 0 coins so there is no value there.  With untradable packs you can use the players in other SBC’s.  This can turn market worthless items into cards that can be sold.

If you get a tradable version of a Rare Mixed Players pack you may be surprised that the silvers you receive may be more expensive on the market than the golds.  This isn’t always the case.  If you get a silver from a rare squad build (ie Paderborn and Union Berlin in the Bundesliga SBC) you will find that some of these cards sell on the open market for 15,000-20,000 coins. Rare mixed players can be a big score.  As is with any pack on FUT, it’s all a gamble.  Sometimes you win big.  Sometimes you lose and get minimum pack value.

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