Is the FUT Birthday Party Bag Worth It?

The newest big gamble SBC is out.  For a limited time you can exchange an 86 rated squad with 70 chemistry for a chance at some huge prizes.  So is the FUT Birthday Party Bag Worth It? Here are our thoughts on one of the newest squad building challenges.

What is the FUT Birthday Party Bag SBC:

Exchange a 86 rated squad with One Team of the Week Moments card, 70 chemistry, and a 4-4-2 formation for an untradeable FUT Birthday Team #1, FUT ShapeShifters or Winter Refresh player

Is the Party Bag SBC worth it?

For us the FUT Birthday Party Bag squad building challenge was very much was.  This is an answer that depends on your team situation, depth, and coin purse. An 86 rated team is no joke.  There are several videos out there on how to make this work, but you can assume this challenge will cost you 100-250k if you’re starting from net zero.  

The easiest building blocks are Eden Dzeko (84 Striker who only goes for 2-3k depending on system), Pjanic (86 CM who goes for 25-32k), and Visca (84 RM who goes for 2k).  All of these players are based in an unpopular country (Boznia and Herzegovina) and thus link well in a triangle. The rest is anyone’s gamble.  

We used 88 FUT Birthday RW Karim Bellarabi from season rewards, 89 ST Harry Kane from one of our free untradeable packs, and untradeable 87 RW Winter Upgrade Xherdan Shaqiri from the Premier League SBC.  That’s one heavy cost to the user. We also bought several other highly rated players to make this work including TOTW Pepe Reina for 15k.

What Did We Get?

We were lucky enough to get a Shapeshifter Ricardo Pereira who couples up nicely with our strategy on our main team.  We run a flashback Angelo Ogbonna in the back along with little known Portugal SBC superstar Getterson who rates as an 88 ST from Maritino. 

The Portugal link helped our team and we value the pull at somewhere between 300-400k. Considering we invested about 30k and a bunch of untradeable cards we don’t really use, we consider this a big win.  We’ve seen others pull cards they don’t value as highly. One user in particular seemed very distraught over pulling an 84 winter update Nathan Ake who only values at 190-210k. As with anything, this challenge is a risk.  You may lose coins and get someone you hate. You may win big and get someone like RW Christiano Ronaldo shapeshifter or a 92 CB Kante. It’s all in the cards, so to speak. Happy gambling and gaming should you choose to accept this challenge!

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